We’ve grown up in the United States, but what’s it like to grow old here?

We are two college students, whose studies in literature and writing have taught us to prize the narratives that statistics and sound bites cannot capture. And we are granddaughters, whose conversations with our grandmothers have stirred an interest in the stories of women who have come before us. With support from Brown University’s Pembroke Center for Teaching and Research on Women, we seek to expand those conversations with our own grandmothers — to ask of elderly women across the nation: What does it mean to age in your city?

Through photographs, videos, and written reflections, this blog offers snapshots of those lived experiences.  What is it like to grow old in Albuquerque, or Dallas, or Washington, D.C.? How do women across the nation perceive and experience aging, and how can their voices be shared with younger generations? This January, we are driving from Piedmont, CA, to Providence, RI, to find out.


7 Comments on “About”

  1. Jean E. Miller says:

    Good luck…and be sure to interview a variety of older women, not just grandmothers (unmarried single older women play a large role in the US today, myself included…as a Council member at the Pembroke Center)

    Safe travels and keep in touch.

  2. Joan McMaster says:

    Please check out the Women’s Fund of RI exhaustive study “Aging in RI” available on its website. Marcia Cone is the Executive Director and is a good friend of mine.

    Our BACKC hosted a forum at Pembroke Hall last year; “Healthy Aging in Older Women”. Collaborating with the “Women in Medicine” Department of the Medical School, we offered a panel of a gerentologist, Dr. Lynne McNicol, and three club members who each discussed a particular aging challenge that she had met and overcome. Brown medical students and club members and guests comprised the large and enthusiastic audience; very rewarding program!

    Joan McMaster’60, President

  3. Joyce Moore Arthur '61 says:

    If you are driving through La Crosse, WI, you may stop for dinner/ sleep/ interviews if that fits your schedule.

  4. Ann J. Nelson says:

    I’m also a never married older woman — 77 next month and still independent. My cat and I live in the house I bought (and paid for) Before retiring from my second career as a high school counselor. My third career, as an Episcopal priest, overlapped the second and continued after my retirement from my own parish. I guess I’m retired. But I sing in the church choir, volunteer at my library branch, and work occasionally as a supply priest. I’ve had some serious health problems in recent years, but who doesn’t? And I tore my rotator cuff last fall pulling some recalcitrant roots from my flower bed and will see a surgeon about that this month. So what’s the question? Life is a blessing from God and I intend to continue living it with joy.

  5. Judy Riskind says:

    If you come to Tucson, AZ, look me up. I would love to talk to you about “growing old.” Two hip replacements have not stopped me from dancing, golf, walking the dog, or snow shoeing. Good health plays a key role in aging and your quality of life. Also, a happpy marriage and lots of friends help when times are tough. Good luck in your research and hope to hear from you. Judy Hexter Riskind- Pembroke class of 1962.

  6. Lisa says:

    Loved your blog! What great writing and stories! Thanks for sharing.

  7. profvryan says:

    Terrific project! I really enjoyed the blog. What a wonderful way to capture the power of stories.

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